The Bookbag by “Cogitatio“ is truly an innovation in the world of design. The Bookbag is a unique fusion of fashion and knowledge, making it now possible not only to read a book but also wear it as a bag. The bags are made from book covers and are available in various sizes (handbags, shoulder bags etc.) and types (purses, belt pouches etc.). The bags are always packaged with the former contents of the volume, and each bag is hand-made and uniquely decorated. The team of “Cogitatio” has utilized the medium “book” to create a new medium. “Wissen tragen” (wearing knowledge) means communication; communicating about and beyond the book. Anyone wearing a Bookbag certainly begs the question and provokes thought, which are some of the most important intentions of the young fashion label. As the name implies, it wants to make people think, and permanently integrate intellectual societal thought with the fashion world. The invention of the Bookbag hopes to thereby raise the level of appreciation and esteem for books in modern society. The Bookbag is the first product of “Cogitatio”, but there are already many different beautiful and intellectually stimulating follow-ups in the works. They hope to expand upon the collection with new models and other accessories and have already begun to develop a new collection based on other materials. Of course the main idea of “Wissen tragen” (wearing knowledge) will remain constant through all of “Cogitatio’s” products.